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Welcome to Tax Rx

Happy new year! Income tax time is upon us again, and we look forward to catching up with you since we last met. We are currently working on our website and hope to have it fully operational very soon!


If you would like to receive our 5% "Early-Bird" discount, please get your documents in to our office by the end of February.

Our referral program rewards you!
Receive a 5% discount on your personal tax return preparation fee for each referral you send to us!

Tax Deadlines

  • All 1120,1120S (Corporate) returns for 2010 must be filed by March 15th, 2011.
  • All personal 1040 and 1065 LLC returns for 2010 must be filed by April 18th, 2011.
  • For a timely filing, please get all documents to us by March 18th, 2011. Anything submitted to us after that date will most likely be subject to an extension.




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